We just love our summer in Hamburg. It's less than 20°C, super windy and raining all the time!  

So let's try to focus on positive things: we have a lot of new magazines in store!

Let's start with Ben Mervis' Fare Magazine and their story about Istanbul (35°C and sunshine by the way):

Fare Magazine Issue 1 – Istanbul – GUDBERG NERGER

Fare Magazine – Issue 1: Istanbul
Fare connects armchair travelers with immersive and nuanced stories from cities around the world, and also serves as a kind of roadmap for those who are ready to make the actual trip to see things for themselves.

Fare begins in Istanbul, a stunning metropolis uniquely poised across two continents; an imperial capital to three sprawling empires, the city has been shaped and reshaped by a wholly unique mix of migrant cultures spanning from Eastern Europe into North Africa and the Middle East. Today, Istanbul continues to change amidst a challenging political climate.

Il Paradiso Issue 5 – Portugal – GUDBERG NERGER

Il Paradiso Issue 5 – Portugal

Mit Il Paradiso No. 5 geht es in das Traumland Portugal.

Wir trafen uns mit den Frauen von Porto und erfuhren, wie sie die Dinge in ihrer Heimatstadt selbst in die Hand nehmen. Wir tanzten zu dem neuen, dreckigen Sound von Lissabon. Michalis Pantelouris erzählte uns, wo Männer zum Weinen hingehen. Wir sprachen mit der New Yorker Illustratorin Joana Avillez über ihre portugiesische Großfamilie. ZEITmagazin Chefredakteur Christoph Amend verriet uns sein Sommerzuhause in Portugal: das Restaurante da Adraga. Die Berliner Künstlerin Sarah Illenberger entwarf exklusiv für uns analoge Pixel aus den berühmten iberischen Azulejos.

Cura Issue 25 – GUDBERG NERGER

Cura No. 25
CURA. 25 summer issue celebrates its special edition, dedicated to 25 (+1) outstanding protagonists of the contemporary art scene, selected among the most interesting female artists of the new generation.

Brownbook Nr. 62
The Brutalist Architecture Issue

Brownbook investigates how brutalist architecture made its way to Tehran, where it took on a distinctly Persian identity, and the lasting impact it had on the city

The Gourmand Issue 9

The Gourmand Issue 9
The Gourmand Issue 9 features Cookie Monster, Georgia O'Keeffe, Nancy Silverton, Gary Indiana, and Hannah Lack.

Berlin Quarterly Issue 6

Berlin Quarterly Issue 6
Berlin Quarterly’s sixth issue opens with a long-form reportage centred on the borderlands of the American Southwest. Alongside the words of undocumented immigrants and portraits of fractured border cities, Hannah Gold gives us an in-depth historical context for the US-Mexico border wall.

Riposte Issue 8 – GUDBERG NERGER

Riposte No. 8
Riposte is a smart magazine for women.

Each issue features five ideas, four meetings, three features, two essays and one icon.

In Issue 8, we meet a cast of daring women who tell a range of moving, funny and fascinating stories. Ericka Hart, breast cancer warrior, sex educator and performer tells us why chronic illness doesn't look one particular way. Architect Farshid Moussavi defies stereotypes. We speak to Muslim kick-boxer Ruqsana Begum about being a badass in and out of the ring, Dana Lixenberg opens up about her most famous photography project and fashion designer Molly Goddard discusses karaoke, parties and building a super successful fashion brand.

Migrant Journal Issue 2 – GUDBERG NERGER

Migrant Journal Issue 2 – Wired Capital
A six-issue journal exploring the circulation of people, goods, information, and even fauna and flora, around the world and the transformative impact they have on contemporary life. 


The contradiction between restrictions imposed on the movement of people and the acceleration in the circulation of goods, services, money—in one word capital—boosted by free-trade spaces and mechanisms is reaching new levels of paradox and absurdity. The spaces and frictions this contradiction creates will be the topic of Migrant Journal’s second issue: Wired Capital.

Real Review Issue 3 – GUDBERG NERGER

Real Review Issue 3
What does it mean to live today?

The world order is gradually slowing down, and democracy is grinding to a deadlock. Global civilisation is sliding into stasis. But whereas this might have once led to outright World War, instead we are seeing high levels of universal domestic instability. From protest, unrest and insurgencies to proxy theatres and armed conflict, we have entered into a condition of global civil war.

Real Review #3 explores the general mood over the last few months that things were better the way they were before. There is a popular sense that blunders have been made and we should backtrack as quickly as possible. Exactly which past you are trying to recreate depends on your political persuasion. Disaffected with democracy, fed up with economic stagnation, even bored by new fashions and consumer electronics, ennui is pervasive. The search for something drastically different, a real alternative, has begun.

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