All Natural Lemon Honey Soap

by Stop the water while using me

  • Protects skin from drying out.
  • For difficult skin in particular.
  • Strengthening and moisturising effect.
  • A fragrance that revives the senses.

Difficult skin in particular benefits from the gentle cleansing effect of the formula with mild washing substances. Organic acacia honey contains enzymes and amino acids which strengthen and moisturise the skin. The high vitamin C content and the fruit acid in the organically grown lemons are also good for the skin. A revitalising, freshly scented soap that even turns the daily hand-washing ritual into a real pleasure. 


Organic acacia honey: honey is particularly good for mature, demanding skin, which it leaves feeling wonderfully soft. It contains fermenting agents, enzymes and amino acids and smoothes, moisturises and rejuvenates normal to dry skin.

Lemon extract: we obtain this extract from organic lemons. It is rich in fruit acid, revitalising and helps skin to look clear and radiant. The fresh lemony scent revives the senses.

100% recyclable & natural. The products are not tested on animals and produced without synthetic dyes or fragrances. The products are exclusively perfumed using natural, essential oils and essences. The natural skin care range does not contain any silicones, paraffins or other mineral-oil-based raw materials.