BLAD Issue 8



BLAD is a bilingual magazine celebrating plants in all shapes and colours.

BLAD 8 is an ode to a country and a culture, which we admire and feel inspired by. We’re focussing on Japan and its clean, simple aesthetics and complexity when it comes to culture, design and nature.

We have always found a lot of inspiration in the Japanese way of doing things – the dedication, immersion and respect applied to nature. We believe that Japanese culture can teach us a lot, and that’s why this last BLAD is about Japan.

We gaze outwards and inwards. We take you on a journey to the bonsai town, Omiya, where we visit a 93-year-old bonsai master, who has dedicated his life to his plants. We take on our own interpretation of ikebana, we get a taste of Japan, slow down the pace and soak in nature.

* BLAD 8 is bilingual (Danish/English) and comes with a Translation Booklet Inside in Japanese