Chroma Magazine 01 – The Red Issue

by Chroma


Chróma is a magazine about colour. It is a print and online platform that features a fusion of talented international individuals. It is the amalgamation of poets, thinkers, artists and photographers. Our first issue has one uniting factor, the colour red. 

Chróma strives to become a source of inspiration, a place where you can explore form, imagination and ideas. We aim to delve into the deeper questions- provoking interesting conversations and encouraging people to think out-of-the-box.

Our first issue features a fusion of talented international individuals: contemporary poets, thinkers, artists and photographers with one uniting factor, the colour red. It is an intelligently designed arts and culture magazine with a fresh literary edge. 

Red is particularly relevant now. 2017 has been a year of blood, shootings, wild-fire and extreme politics. Not only does this issue deal with the darker side of red: the problems that surround the meat industry and the difficulties that lie with the menstrual taboo, it also explores the beauty of red. We examine topics such as love, landscape, lipstick and gender.