Ponytale Magazine #2

by Ponytale

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Ponytale is a biannual publication that explores femininity through art, music and fashion. Fresh, sexy and audacious, each issue of Ponytale is dedicated to girls who are on the quest of finding themselves. With a biannual edition, Ponytale provides an artistic platform for young talent and consolidated artists around the globe. Contents: Michal Pudelka, Fait À La Main, Brown Pride, Bad Behavior, Dangerous Love, Blanca Miró, Touching The Void, West Of Eden, Who’s Affraid of Liza Thron, A Teenage Mistage, Out of The Blue, Megumi Series, The Wrong Crowd, Donita Sparks, La Douleur Exquise, Bad Land, Back Door Girl, Girl Gangs: A Forgotten Story, Juanma Moncloa.