Space Magazine 07

by Space Magazine

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This issue of Space Magazine takes inspiration from B-sides, those “bonus” tracks that bands added to their hit singles. B-sides picked up a reputation as low quality filler, but my own record collection and experience tells me that my favourite artists recorded B-sides every bit as mem- orable as their singles.
The Swedish photographer Anders Edström’s images aren’t really part of any tradition I can think of. He is not a street photographer in the Diane Arbus tradition, even though many of his best images are captured out on the streets. He searches for the non-spectacular, the typical, and avoids the “hits”, as he tell his friend, Jeff Rian. In that sense he proves that the “B-side” image can be a hidden gem, which brings us to the theme of this issue.
Great artists reinvent the known. They look again at what might normally be discarded. B-sides is about rediscovering. Dan Graham is someone who does just that. His transparent “pavilions” – half garden pergolas, half bus shelters – show some universals: light, time and presence. Alongside this, there are his “B-sides”, his non-art projects such as Dan Graham’s Greatest Hits, a rare edition of mix CDs that showcase his love of pop and rock music’s history, which have become collector’s items.
Our ambition with this issue is to explore the process of cre- ation, to find the tucked away treasures, the doodles, the experiments, the whimsies. In this issue you will discover objects and artworks that could only be called “hits”, even masterpieces. Still, we dedicate the issue to the flipside.

Issue 07

The Norwegian top model and architect Iselin Steiro talks to Space Magazine about her love of architecture, film, design and what makes a house a home.
Photography Victoria Hely-Hutchinson, Interview Laura Allsop

Heart of glass
Glass designer Nina Nørgaard has been working double time to make 2,000 pieces of handmade glassware for the new Noma in Copenhagen.
Photography Lasse Dearman, Interview Rasmus Folehave Hansen

Almost impossible
We visited Rune Bruun Johansens’s showroom in Copenhagen to discuss rare Danish furniture from the early 1900’s - and his own exacting designs.
Photography Lasse Dearman, Interview Rasmus Folehave Hansen

Aalto is alive
When Alvar Aalto and Jean Jacques Baruël’s Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg needed a facelift, the challenge was to preserve its spirit and meet 21st century demands.
Photography Lasse Dearman, Interview Rasmus Folehave Hansen

Secrets and symbols 
Interesting things happen if you subvert and appropriate symbols of authority says Karl monies talking archetypes, power, and the family jewellery business.
Photography Lasse Dearman, Interview Rasmus Folehave Hansen

Into the landscape 
The multitalented architect Christoffer Harlang explains why the design of the new Visitor Centre at a medieval Danish fortress had been his most challenging commission ever. 
Photography Lasse Dearman, Interview Rasmus Folehave Hansen

Strange and beautiful
photographer Nikolaj Adam spent a week investigating Espacio Escutórico in Mexico City, an enormous concrete land art piece created in the late ‘70s by a group of Mexican artists. 
Photography Nikolaj Adam, Text Zoe Cooper

Planet Parr 
An avid collector, curator and editor Martin Parr is the photographer that photographers love to hate. At age 65 and on a mission to promote British photography, he is as busy as ever. 
Photography Martin Parr, Interview Gregor Ulf Nilson, Text Rasmus Folehave Hansen

Jasper Morrison’s normcore 
There is nothing flashy about the product of Jasper Morrison, the powerhouse British designer who’s been called ‘the king of functionality’. Mikael Olsson photographs some of his favourites.
Photography Mikael Olsson, Interview Haydée Touitou

Secrets and symbols 
Interesting things happen if you subvert and appropriate symbols of authority says Karl monies talking archetypes, power, and the family jewellery business..
Photography Lasse Dearman, Interview Rasmus Folehave Hansen

Extra ordinary 
Space Magazine visits Tom Emerson and Stephanie Macdonald of the London-based studio 6a Architects to discuss their approach to environments,a nd how they’ve built their home. 
Photography Catherine Hyland, Interview Skye Sherwin

Little Italy  
Timo Wirsching stopped off in Karlshamn, Sweden, to visit his in laws. For the trip his brought along a selection of designer Marie-Rose Kahane’s handmade Murano glass. see what happens when north and south collide. 
Photography Timo Wirsching, Text Haydée Touitou

A space of their own 
Writer Haydée Touitou and photographer Adriana Glaviano visit the La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde on the outskirts of Paris and discover the forgotten magic of a tiny ecosystem. 
Photography Adriana Glaviano, Text Haydée Touitou

Through the looking glass
Dan Graham is known for his pavilions, unsettling creations drawing a bridge between sculpture and architecture. But first and foremost, Dan is a one-of-a-kind artist.
Photography Victoria Hely-Hutchinson, Interview Colleen Kelsey

Choosing paths 
Non-conformist photographer Ander Edström shoots the breeze with an old friend, the writer Jeff Rian, talking light, integrity, switching to digital and why virtuosity in art is boring. 
Photography Anders Edstrom, Interview Jeff Rian

Down the line 
We swing by 101 Spring Street, New York, home of the artist Donald Judd. Behind-the-scenes photographs document the installation of his aluminum work for an exhibition this spring.
Photography Naho Kubata, Text Flavin Judd

Family affair  
in London, super stylist Kat England ad Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie, along with their sons Wolf and Lux, open the doors to their home. 
Photography Niall O'Brien, Interview Cath Clarke

Pillow talk
In the Queens, New York, Lexie Smth has elevated the making of a loaf a bread not just to finessed culinary craft, but a literal art form. In writing, art, baking, dough is her medium. In this conversation she reveals why she prefers early mornings to late nights.
Photography Georgia Hilmer, Interview Colleen Kelsey